Artist, Gleaner, Spinner, Assembler

Maine resident, Iowa born, Kate Russell Henry is a hand spinner of wool, mohair, angora, silk, flax and many vegetable fibers. These linear fibers full of texture, color and shape, find their way to crochet sculptures and woven items. She also collects old, found and purchased papers to create assemblages. New work includes mixed media pieces where fiber and paper are joined by metal, fabric, notions, and sundries. 

" Craft is not its objects; a craft is how I am when I'm making them. "

Carla Needleman | 'The Work of Craft'

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An entry to and complete collection of KRH sculpture, assemblages and art pieces. Medusae, brooches, weaving, art and greeting cards, and mixed media wall pieces. All information for purchasing is available here.

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