handspun fiber




I have a tremendous fascination with rare breeds and the coarse and colorful long wool they produce. Other favorites are the sea breeze clean Maine island wool, mohair, angora, silk, flax, or hemp fibers.   I allow the natural character to surface in the spun fiber- each fleece or hair telling me what comes next. 

A ball of Kate Russell Henry hanspun yarn

What a joy to have a variety of baskets full of colors, sizes and textures at the ready for crochet, weaving and needle projects. If the right color or size doesn’t exist back to the fiber sacks I go, choosing a blue, blending with a soft angora or a red orange combining with a rougher Navajo-churro before I am ready to spin. 

Once this gathering and assembly of materials is complete, my ideas and methods happen spontaneously letting the fiber, texture, and color come to the surface to tell their story. 


Kate Russel henry crochet

Every handmade item is unique, no two alike.

 The skill of making the whole work gives one nobility of spirit.    

                                — Anon

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woven structures 


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