(sea jellies)

The medusae series was inspired ten years ago by a Woman’s History Gallery Show at the Southwest Harbor Library on Mount Desert Island.  The tentacles of the medusa gave me the opportunity to focus on a selection of unusual fibers and then dyeing, spinning, crocheting, and finally felting them. My favorite part of the process is attaching the tentacles which establish the character.  My imagination expands thinking of the many shapes these marine creatures can take. There are many more to come. 

A medusa prefers rooms that are well lit. Strong indirect sunlight or room light is best. Typical task lighting from one direction is successful as well.  Please keep away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. With the aid of the swivels the medusa enjoys gentle breezes twirling from the room’s corner, doorway, or ceiling beam and does not mind getting bumped or touched. The tentacles will need straightening from time to time.  To dust, start with gentle shaking or if necessary use a soft brush that will not catch the weave. With certain fibers the occasional brushing might add to the fuzziness.