woven structures

The first textile I mastered was weaving. Early on I developed a stumbling block. Except for linen fiber, I lacked attractive weaving yarn. Not until I came to Maine and learned to spin the long lustrous Maine island wool did I truly fall in love with my kind of weaving.  It was the natural next step to produce the colors I wanted  with local natural dyes. 


In the mid seventies I needed to make items that were useful, or possibly decorative. These became purses, pillows, belts, some loom shaped clothing, and mostly wall hangings. After a decade of fairs and shows, reaching out to wholesale accounts and individuals, I changed direction. Keeping my first love of spinning raw fibers, I moved to off loom and crochet techniques.


More than likely the technique will be off loom incorporating overshot and tapestry techniques occasionally with beach wood, reed and grasses collected from Maine.

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woven structures: