Cousin Jane’s Medusa

Mongolian Spirit was purchased by my cousin, Jane, to live at The Lakes.

‘He’ (Jane thinks it’s a he) floats over the dining room table as I write. Morning sun reflects off the water picking up sparks from the mylar in the Medusa’s bell. I brought the sea jelly with me from Maine to live at the cottage in Minnesota.

Jane is my first cousin, same age, and we spent the first 18  years together especially summers.

This 1955 picture says it all. All tan and smiles in the Iowa heat. Preparing for sleep away camp. After the picture was taken our braids were lopped off. We couldn’t braid our hair by ourselves at Y camp.  

Special cousin, special woman.

Even though we don’t see each other much, I’m lucky to have her in my life. Just to know she’s there.

After this visit…maybe I need more.

It’s so perfect that my first sale from my online store would be from my cousin, to reside at the lakes and to connect to another special my oldest cousin, Chick, who passed away last year. An adventurer since he was a small lad. His last travels were to Mongolia which drew Jane, his sister, to Mongolian Spirit. We are celebrating his life this trip to Minnesota.

Cousin Chick’s picture.
“The Sanduijamt’s two gers, our tents pitched to block the wind”

Jane, Mongolian Spirit, The Lakes, Chick, Connections!

Love it!

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My gosh I love this journal entry so much. Thanks for sharing these pictures and experience. I can’t believe how much I see Rachie in the top photo!

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