Here I am in Iowa. Oskaloosa to be exact. My first homeland. Maine my second. My Mother still lives in the house where I grew up.


Such simple pleasure and comfort in this house. I can walk through the house after not living here forever and move through automatically. Touching a corner, opening a cabinet, reaching for an item as if I still lived here everyday. Do I know where anything is? Maybe. 73 years young today and some things have been in the same places. 

Found a small red child’s toothbrush with my name in ink on an old kind of white adhesive tape in a utensil drawer.


It’s remarkable that you can come halfway across the country to your first homeland and find your camp toothbrush that matches the picture you have chosen as your social media image.


I finished a new brooch titled, Mahaska Mark. There are many locations around the Oskaloosa home to take photos.  Many objects ageing in place make a special place to showcase a handspun, crocheted brooch.


 I’m glad to see old tree friends like Cyprus, Osage, Shingle Oak, and Ginko. They  are so much bigger now.


I began making stuff in and around this house and yard. My collage and mosaic walls live here. Paintings. Ceramic tile puzzles. Candles. Finally I brought fiberwork home where it still resides. My secret gallery housing my favorites.


It’s good to be home.

and tonight goodbye....for now. 



Kate, I love your blogs. They are wonderful. In the Minnesota ones you really take me back to those special days. Gorgeous photography too. Good job! Love, Jane

Erika Flynn

I just about shed a tear of nostalgia and love at your mention of the red toothbrush. What a beautiful journal entry! (Also, Emmy looks like an amazing pal.)


I enjoy your blog, especially since I’ve seen both of your worlds.
For some reason, reading your words and seeing the photos makes me think of your dad.


I’m so impressed with your journal-keeping, Kate. The reminiscences are so focused and well put, and I am reminded how we will always see, feel, and taste our childhood ~ wherever we are and however long it’s been. The brooches perching in natural settings are wonderful.


Lovely post Kate! Such a pretty place.

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