hello and thanks.

This is my first post.

So hello.

Here in this new website are my wares – my handmades- made recently and from the last decade. This is a lot of work and a bit of soul searching to put all this together at this time of my life.
It feels good.
I certainly didn’t do this alone, I need to thank my community of supporters:
Eric, my husband, friend, partner collector and maker--the main supporter.
My Mom, Mary Emily, who needs no explanation.
From another realm: my Dad, Chuck, who gave me the gleaner spirit. My sister, Julie, who always said “I’m so proud of you.” and Nana Emma, the teacher of needle and thread. My brother, Arthur Russell, to always go deeper yet stay simple, and toss the coins. 
My children, Beau (and Mel, Per, and Bos), Rachel, and my co-photographer Emily.
Brother in law, Tom, through art adventures he encourages. 
My woman’s group! (Highly recommend one.) With Weslea, Betsy and Marilee’s special help.
My designer, Erika Flynn, goodmajick.com
My photographer guru, Galen. 

And most, most of all,
I thank my best friends and mentors, the 30 plus Wednesday Spinners, For over forty years they have encouraged my artistic expression and freedom, sharing their vast knowledge, their techniques, love of fiber.  (Did i say laughter?)

I am thankful to all the Maine artists, especially the fiber artists in the state. We live in a most bountiful creative community here we call home. As I connect to the creative world beyond, I am continually grateful to what I have here in Maine. 
On my contact page please check out linked Maine arts organisations I support.


...and keeping things playful, then serene, Tess.

If the angel deigns to come,

It will be because
You have convinced him,
Not by tears,
But by your humble resolve
To be always beginning:
To be a beginner.

- Rainer Maria Rilke


Kathleen Goddu

What an incredible website! So well thought out and presented. I love your genuine offering of who you are in your bio. It really does tell the world who you are and what you love, what’s important! What a lot of work and so well written. Congratulations on the launch of your website!

Lelania Avila

Inspiration you deliver
at the end of a long spring day
Thanks for reminding me
of the beauty of a Lifetime.

Erika Flynn

Congratulations on your website launch, Kate!

I am looking forward to seeing lots of Tess pictures in your journal.
Thank you for sharing your craft with us.

Susanne Grosjean

Hurray Kate!
You are launched. Your site is wonderful. What a lot of work. I’m so impressed. A perfect vehicle for the world to see your work.
I breezed through the site quickly. It kept beckoning. Now I will have to savor slowly.
I just love the way the " hamburger" turns into an “x”.

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