Waking on my last Vinalhaven day

Out early before the rain to take some shots of work. New teardrop and brooch.

I could only make one and a half days and a night this year. Our good islander friend and host welcomes the three of us in lots of spinning, knitting, crochet and much chatter and laughter. Oh and food. Lucky us, lucky me.

Crochet a row, hear about baby goats,
Take out some stitches, laugh about food we ate growing up,
Tuck in an end, see pictures of a grandchild.                             

Always able to see this view as we watch our work grow.

The hours, days go by so fast.
Much to remember. Pack the car....crocheting still, so inspired. Maybe next year...

Fitting the cars on the ferry.

Goodbye Vinahaven!



Indeed, you captured our time together in the most perfect words and pictures. Thanks, Kate, for extending the sweet memories of this year’s trip. And of course next year if we can.

Alicia Watts

You captured our weekend, Kate, with your lovely photographs and poetic words. So happy we could get together again this year.


Lovely post! Thanks for sharing.

I felt the serenity of your stitching, the beautiful view and the joy of laughter and friendship.

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