Oh, Katie, you brought me a crow bar

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My grandmother, Nana, taught me to sew and embroider starting when I was nine. When I was asked to retrieve a needle for some finish work, I always chose the needle with the largest eye due to ease of threading...thus the crowbar.  With this piece, Nana might possibly understand my materials and choices today, maybe. 

In addition, my grandmother’s son, my father made me the frame loom as a gift and I had been waiting for the right moment to be finished. 

Content: handspun linen warp and weft. Weft is wool, silk, and mohair with madder red dye. Granny glasses and ceramic beads from collection.

size: 11 1/4” wide x 15 1/4” high in the frame. 5 1/4” x 10 3/4 in the weave. 35” long in total. 

Please Contact Me if you are interested in an off loom special order.  This Not For Sale piece is one of a kind and cannot be reproduced similar to this one.