Small But Deadly

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All are handspun and dyed. Each crocheted and felted Medusa starts as a tiny circle and each added color and texture dictates the shape of the bell.  I was always taught to be frightened of jellyfish and the colors of this fellow look the part. 

content: mohair and  wool

color: orange, black, brown, green, white, pink. 

size:  bell 4 1/2 wide x 2 1/2 high.  22” long in total. 

Each hangs by monofilament and fishing swivels. Comes with extra line.


A medusa prefers rooms that are well lit. Strong indirect sunlight or room light is best. Typical task lighting from one direction is successful as well.  

Please keep away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. With the aid of the swivels the medusa enjoys gentle breezes twirling from the room’s corner, doorway, or ceiling beam and does not mind getting bumped or touched. The tentacles will need straightening from time to time.  To dust, start with gentle shaking or if necessary use a soft brush that will not catch the weave. With certain fibers the occasional brushing might add to the fuzziness.