Next Adventure

Been a while. Been busy. 

Have you noticed my new work? My new second instagram page: @pastecheckered

I have been wondering and maybe you have. What’s up with the fiber person. 

Why paper now?

I collect vintage, new, used, handmade, painted, stained papers.  Tear them up, make live edges. Sort them by type, size and color and set to work. My paper studio is ever evolving to cater to these needs.

Why, when my desire for so many years has been to make fiber?

I continue to collect fiber from various breeds of animals, wilder the better. Then to find, dye my colors and handspin, creating baskets of yarn... sorting by type, size and color. Ready to choose at my whim…to crochet or weave. 

Is the paper work merely sketching for the fiber work?

The process is the same.  In the paper studio I find myself more freely moving shapes and color. I watch lines appear. Rhythms flow. And then I have new eyes and excitement when I have the wheel or hook or shuttle in my hands. Ideas flow. 


What? Me worry?
Paper and Fiber are so united in the grand plan. 

Stay tuned.

Welcome to my new adventure



Just lovely, beautiful, inspired and inspiring


Thank you for including us in your ongoing life adventure. I love seeing how we evolve in our work. Such colors! Intense, but not blatant.


So glad to get connected to your blogs and hear about your latest artistic adventures!


I love paper and fibers too and all materials I come across that call to me.
So happy to hear of your new adventure using your collection of paper. Actually using those special papers is hard to do when some feel so unique. That’s when I end up saving it “forever” and realize I could put it out there…on the frig, or somewhere my eyes can feast on it. Maybe you’ve had this experience too. Happy adventuring!


We are all the richer for this new adventure. Penelope

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